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The Company was established in 1991 after the separation of a small part of the Development Department from the Group of Applied Electronics in TATRA Kopřivnice Company. For this reason, the development and manufacture of the electronic equipment is focused mainly on TATRA Company, for which we provide the development as well as the manufacture of various electronic equipment, which is series-assembled into bigger TATRA truck (and previously also passenger car) applications.


Naturally, we are open to provide the development and, subsequently, the manufacture for any other potential client. We have the capacity to develop various custom-made microprocessor equipment. This equipment can function autonomously, or it can be controlled or set through a personal computer with a USB port.


You can then benefit from our experience with the development of equipment for the toughest climatic conditions; as tens of thousands of our products are used in TATRA vehicles, both by oil companies in minus 50 degrees in Siberia and in 50 degrees in the Australian desert or during the Rally Dakar.

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