Testing and diagnostic technology:


Approximately since 1989 all trucks with TATRA engines are equipped with a system of electronically controlled engine cooling regulation, which is controlled by so called electronic regulator of cooling. These regulators started with line JW5, JW14 and JW25 and continue by MotorTronic types manufactured by our company, lines MT05, MT25 and MT30.


In the hierarchy the last named MotorTronic MT30 unit is the highest. This unit takes over also other functions, besides engine cooling control – control of el. preheating of cold engine prior ignition, exhaust brake control, power voltage control, records on exceeding of some operational parameters of the engine into the permanent memory of the engine.

Brief description of this MT30 unit functionality (selected parts of Technical Conditions) can be downloaded from these pages – file TPMT30.pdf

Tester called TATRA INTEST–01 is being manufactured by our company for electric part of this system testing by any regulator.

It is a universal testing device controlled through the program on PC or laptop (PC or laptop do not make a part of the delivery). This tester is intended for fast review of all electronic regulators of cooling of line MT and also for fast review of vehicle mains.


The set of TATRA INTEST – 01 tester is delivered in plastic suitcase with the following accessories:

 1. case of  TATRA INTEST-01 testing interface (i.e. the tester) 
 2. regulator cable    No. 6        (test of regulators MT30) 
 3. regulator cable    No. 4        (test of regulators MT 05 - in development) 
 4. installation cable No. 7       (power supply connection +24V from vehicle socket for lighter of light)
 5. installation cable No. 6       (test of  JW14,  JW25, MT25, MT30 installations) 
 6. installation cable No. 4       (test of JW5, MT  05 installations) 
 7. installation cable No. 1       (connection to diagnostic socket of the vehicle and data reading from MT30)
 8. interface USBintest  (port USB) 
 9. CD disc with free WINTEST software  (Windows XP,Vista)

For completeness we provide the below review of all series mounted regulators of cooling in TATRA trucks:


JW 5.002    JW 14.000    JW 25.000   MT 05.7    MT 25.3    MT 30.01
JW 5.003    JW  14.001   JW 25.001   MT 05.8    MT 25.4    MT 30.02
JW 5.004    JW 25.002
JW 5.005    JW 25.003 
JW 5.006    JW 25.004
JW 5.007
JW 5.008


The WINTEST software is being continuously upgraded and is available for free download.

Besides the regulator testing function, using TATRA INTEST –01, it is also possible to read and possibly print all operational records saved in memory of MotorTronic MT30.


The tester also performs permanent setup of certain operational parameters of the MT30 unit – so called programming per used TATRA engine in the truck – see the extract from Technical Conditions MT30. However, the programming functions of the tester are available only to authorized persons, who passed TATRA training and received „Certificate of competency for MT30 units programming“ issued by TATRA service department.



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